The Little Game…

So a bunch of people have heard I am building a few video games… The first is  “The Legend of Yami” which is a little over the top JRPG that you play as Yami the savior of the land. More information will be available as I get further down the line… And hopefully when I have the base program complete I will start doing touch ups on my twitch stream so people can watch… maybe some early playthroughs so I can get some feedback too…

Legend of Yami (Tentative Name)

World Map: 17/128 Zones – 13% Complete
Dungeons:  0 / 10 – 0% Complete
Characters: 0/5 – 0% Complete
Weapons: 0/???
Armor: 0/???

This is just stuff that I am working on right now hopefully this weekend I will have another update with big changes on a few of these numbers and some work to be done on the other games I have been working on. Only time will tell.

Cya Soon


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