PKAsylum in a New Year!

A New Year has started and 2016 will be a big one for PKAsylum and all their associates I think.  We are starting off with St. Judes Play LIve again on January 1st this time and will be going until the end of the year.

Donations and Subs will help both the stream and charity more. 50% each month of Subs and 25% of each Donation will be donated to St. Jude Play LIVE. Also donations (tips) and Subs will bring out more giveaways as we accomplish each goal.

2016 Gamer Challenge…. Each year I put out a new challenge to myself. Last year I lost it since I left streaming for awhile. But now I am back at full strength Odin’s Challenge this year will be to complete as many game as I can. But each time we reach a goal on the stream… We will add another game to the list. I am hoping to start that on January 1st but I haven’t made a starter list of games.

Now as for YouTube with the System8 Media Network… Well we will still be providing footage for Destiny, Warframe and adding a bunch more games and ideas that I have been working on the past few months. The MojoDojo will be back in full swing soon I jsut got all my weapons upto where I want them and start doing some base builds for everyone to use soon.

There you have it guys I hope to see you all in the new year… I am looking forward to entertaining everyone and building the channel so we can continue to support the cause.

Thanks for watching!


PKAsylum Founder and Patient #0

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This entry was posted on January 1, 2016 by in Odin's Corner.


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